Festus loves the ladies?


One thought on “Festus loves the ladies?”

  1. I take my 89 yo mom to ChristyCare. From the second she walks in, she is greeted with smiles and “hello”! The activities are diverse and flexible, as the participants needs and likes determine. Mom particularly enjoyed making her “name” bracelet, that she proudly wears every time she attends. From crafts, to old TV shows, to journaling….sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather, sharing stories and photos of family….every day is a little different. The staff is experienced with the challenges of clients with dementia, and kindly and lovingly assist and direct as needed. Every time I pick mom up, she is laughing and having fun. I am so appreciative of the respite time their care for her allows me. I know she is being cared for with love, kindness and respect. The only criticism I have is that they aren’t closer to my home, but I gladly travel the 30 miles for the excellent care that she receives.
    Dr. Gail Bundow

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